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We need your help!  Our greenhouse has been damaged from IRMA and we have no funding to cover repair.  We use this to teach ladies how to grow things on their own, grow food for our shelter and also sell some plants to replenish plants as needed or for supplies.  

Maybe there is a landscaper out there, or nursery that can help out with shade cloth, cuttings from plants, soil, etc.  Please get in touch to let us know how you can help.  We also need to replace a few 2 x 4s that were damaged.  The ladies had a great time with their children back when it was up and running.


Our apartment complex is gaining ground!  We have seven units completed, with the mitigation done in order to keep it from flooding in the future.

Our next six apartments will be completed soon.  We are still looking for good, gently used furniture or brand new if you can to furnish the apartments that are completed this next round.

We especially need bunk beds for the children!  If you can donate either funds or the actual furniture please contact us!  We are willing to pick up in surrounding counties of Hardee County.  Please give us at least one week notice if you have any thing we can use.  

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New monthly donors needed!  If you and your facebook friends would like to help our non-profit organization monthly, how about do a campaign for us for only $5.00 per month? 


I figured on just my own Facebook friends alone that this would amount to $1500 per month!  What wonderful things can be done with your help?  (I have 300 online friends) 


Won't you consider helping us to gain monthly donations so that we don't have to spend all our precious time for our clients in fundraising & grant writing? 


Maybe your church group or other organization you are a part of would like to help.  Please get in touch to let us know!

Please let us know in which area you would like to donate!