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We had a couple of weeks that we had no one in the shelter--first time ever!  so we decided to make some much needed changes to the shelter.  There were many reasons we needed to repaint, but we chose to only say that it needed a facelift!  For instance, in the formal dining room, the paint was dark red.  We lightened up both dining rooms with lavender paint and we also put scripture throughout the entire house.

dining room-formal.jpg
dining to country bathroom.jpg
Excuse the mess, this picture taken while in progress of repainting!

We repainted two of the bedrooms and at least touched the other two up.   The teal bedroom was not completed at the time of the pictures.

beige and teal bedroom_edited.jpg
door to beige and teal room_edited.jpg
the Beige and Teal room was repainted with a faux finish on the top wall to look like it had plaster-Mediteranean style.
pink bedroom1.jpg
Pink Bedroom
Look at the detailed door!
living area.jpg

Our living area got some newer furniture, changed out the drapes that were in there, moved a faux fireplace, and added art plus more scriptures.  

onsite manager apt1.jpg

We even updated the mother-in-law suite with new furniture, art pieces and more storage.  We updated the bathroom as well and her bedroom.

We want to thank everyone that had a part in this project, especially Kim Burch who got us started, Liz Samol and Chris Price helped with paint and putting up scriptures on the wall.  One of our clients volunteered who painted all the hallways, the formal dining area and bedroom details and that beautiful door. Another client helped with the teal room-not pictured.  We can not forget that Timmy Clewis and George Garland fixed many broken things, hung shelves and pictures-much more.  We also would like to thank Tim and Tony for getting the grounds around the house in better shape.  Anita Rogers finished the flower beds around the house.  (Sorry about the snakes Anita! She found a few!) 
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