Ministry News April 2022


God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:10

Have you ever really surrendered you life and soul to God? If so then you have the same power within you that Christ has because His Spirit is within us. I was one that did not understand the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I also made fun of those that spoke in tongues but when He filled my heart He changed my life. I became hungry to read the Bible and He became alive in me. I got a boldness and stated learning to be a devil fighter. I was so on fire for God that people didn't want to see me coming their way. I eventually became uncomfortable teaching other people about the Holy Spirit due to the controversy of the subject. I believe that maybe why I went through hell in the last couple of years. As I have reflected on these issues I have determined I really desire to see people's lives and soul change and overcoming their difficulties as they grow in Christ. I thank God that He brought me and my family through our difficulties and how God has used those hard times and has made us overcomers by turning everything to work for our good. I would tell you not to give up but to keep fighting. Remember it is the Devil who comes to steal, kill and to destroy us. John 14 Ephesians 6      

Current Needs
  • Monthly supporters to meet operational expenses Goal is $20,000
  • Finish repairs at apartment complex $56,000
  • Pay off our shelter $113,000.
  •  Solar system to power shelter $82,000 
  • Individual bedrooms & bathroom $50,000
  • New commercial riding lawn mower
  • Playground for the Complex /completed!
  • Greenhouse repairs /completed!



In our business office we have a counseling room to counsel couples, or one on one. We also have a larger conference room. used for leaders meetings, training classes and group meetings. Each of us have our own office which makes our department run efficiently. There is also dry storage for our food bank which serves our community. Stop by and take a tour. 

small conf room.jpg
This is our TEAM: Nick, Karen, Lorraine John,  Jan, Chris, Liz, Esther, Sylvia, Linda,
George, Anita, Bree, Tim, Connie and new shelter manager Amaal    

              Ministry Updates


The last few months have been very interesting watching what God has been doing in this ministry.

In-spite of COVID and losing several loved ones, God has blessed us in many ways. 



  • Mimi, a recently retired Sarasota doctor friend of Karen's has been here to help. 

  • Darrell Jensen, a long-time customer and friend of Karen's printing business is now a board member and is teaching Dave Ramsey's financial class for our ladies.

  • Bree , a former client returned to Florida and the ministry. Bree has a beautiful singing voice and travels with Anita to speaking engagements where she sings and shares her testimony raising monthly members to support the ministry. Bree is also our retail store manager. 

  • Anita Rogers returned to Wauchula after retiring form Teaching in Tampa. She is now our Marketing Manager.

  • Roy Whaley has been volunteering as our bookkeeper since we lost Judy, my daughter, who was our bookkeeper for the ministry.

  • Amaal from Tampa is our new Shelter Manager.



One day Esther and I were praying for the mothers to get their children back when God stopped me and said, "Pray that the children get their mom's back". I began to cry because many times women will choose men, drugs or other things over their children.

We believe God is leading us to open a children's home to prepare them to be returned to their mother's. We need to pay off the shelter before  we can move forward. The pay off is $103,00 I know God will see this through.         



            IN OTHER NEWS

totaled my car! A pick up truck ran the caution light in front of me . My front end fender cashed into his wheel well totaling my car. I was taken to the hospital and checked out. I guess God isn't finished with me yet.

                      THE LAST 18 MONTHS

In the last 18 months we have lost two of our dedicated volunteers and my daughters Glenda and Judy along with my foster son Fred. Please pray for their family members.

During this time I had several bad falls. I was also fighting sever kidney disease. One day it occurred to me that the Devil was trying to kill me. I began to pray that the blood of Jesus cover and protect me. I began to recover from the falls and the kidney disease and started to return to the office on a regular basis. Praise Jesus!   

Like many others my 94 year old husband, John, and I battled Covid but survived. My granddaughter Amber did not do as well. She was in the hospital on a ventilator and remained in the hospital for a month. She finally came home but she suffers from debilitating brain fog and is not able to walk on her own any longer. 

February was a difficult month. Fred's service was on the 6th. My brother, Raymond Kazen, passed on the 9th. I had a car accident on the 10th and my 87th birthday was on the 13th.

Our long time friend Randy Biggers passed. Some of you will remember him. Jim Sharp passed as well. Jim taught us counseling and supported us. Both deaths were such a shock.

I hope all of you and your families are doing well and the Lord is keeping you in His care. Until next my next newsletter take good care of yourselves and God bless.  

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