Ministry News  December 2019


It went very well and was enjoyed by all.  We had music and plenty of food.  The music was by marlin Price, Billy Newell and Judy Taylor.  Partor Barry Taylor did the Dedications and Lorraine and two of her daughters, Karen and Christine, did the speaking.  Pastor WEndell Smith ended with the Closing Prayer.

The building is beautiful inside!  We are so grateful to the Templeton Foundation for giving us a grant to have a larger building and such a beautiful place to work.  The colors are two shades of lavender, yellow and gray and approximately three times larger than our old building.

We do need to fix the outside of the new building, but our funds ran out before we could finish that part.  We also need your prayers to sell out other building so we can pay off the new building.

This is our TEAM: Nick, karen, john, Lorraine, Chris, Judy, Jim, Liz, Esther, Sylvia, Shirley, Linda, Bev, Margie, George, Elder Reed, Joyce & Joanna
staff wall.jpg

In this building we have plenty of shelving for our food pantry, with several refrigerators and plenty of room for food.

We have a small counseling room to counsel couples, or one on one, and a large room used not only for large groups, but for our Conference Room.

small conf room.jpg

Each of us have our own offices, which makes life easier!  Please come check us out!

There are two other offices used to help people with rental assistance and security deposits.  We get a grant to provide this needed assistance for the community, if the client qualifies, but we can't use it for our ladies.

Counseling has been going great!

We have been counseling several couples and several children along with the regular ones such as our ladies, other ladies and men from the courts, etc.  We love to help people in this way.  If people will listen to us their lives would be so much better.

At one time, a lady came into our office that I hadn't seen in a long time.  She came running over to me where I was sitting and fell at my feet crying!  She said, Ms. Lorraine, I am so glad to see you and to get to thank you for changing my life."  I didn't know what to say.  I was feeling a little embarrassed.  Only God can change people, and I was just an instrument He used.  it was an awkward moment but rewarding at the same time.

Current Needs
  • Monthly donations to help us meet our needs.  Please give as God has blessed you.
  • $56,000 to repair apartment complex
  • Pay off our shelter $113,000.
  • Tables and chairs for the apartment complex.
  • Volunteers at our thrift store 
  • Volunteers for transportation
  • New lawn mower
  • Playground for the Complex
  • Greenhouse repairs
  • Solar electric system for the Shelter
transforming lives through.jpg