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More donors-More thanks to all who help

Thank you Famous Tate for your generosity toward Hannah's House with the washer and dryer. The ladies are enjoying having them!

We want to thank Winn Dixie for past grants that helped us with operational expenses for our organization.  We have been able to pay for utilities and insurance through their help in the past as well as pay salary for our House Mother and our HMIS Manager.  They have also given small amounts that helped with food and personal items for those we serve.


Target has also helped us in the past with grant monies.  We appreciate what they do for our nation and what they do for our community.  We appreciate the help for our shelter.


Most individuals do not want their names out there on a website, so we wanted to thank anyone who has helped through their churches, families, or individually to give us monies to operate, furniture or other items for the apartments, donation of goods to Hannah's Hope Chest or volunteering to take our ladies to appointments and court or volunteering to counsel, help with the store and to help with the grounds at Hannah's House and Complex.  We could NOT exist without you!!

Private Foundations & Corporations

Like individuals, most corporations would like to stay anonymous.  Again, we could not function without your support.  We appreciate your yearly gifts.  With your help we maintain our counseling center so that we can continue to help those who are hurting in our community.

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