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Resource Needs


Good new or used lawnmower

Murray 13AC77LF058 riding lawn mower_edi


We want to gain a solar power panel system for both the shelter and the apartment complex, so that we can be self-sustaining for electricity. We already have a well system and also sewer system.


 Our present electric bills for summer run about $775.00 for the shelter per month.


On average, we pay over $28,000 per year presently in electric bills for Hannah House Shelter, Hannah House Complex, Gillespie Counseling Center and Hannah's Hope Chest.


We would love to have donations toward the solar power panel systems which will cost $70,000 for Hannah's House. 


This would mostly remove us from the electricity grid and enable us to pay  lower future electric bills.






Our roof at the main office is in need of repair.  We would love to change it to an A-frame roof, but if not, we absolutely need to have it tarred again.  Call Lorraine if you can help with any of the above!  863-773-5717

ALSO--the roof on Hannah's House Shelter lost several shingles from Hurricane Irma.  It looks like  we may need a new roof, if not at least repairs to the old roof!  WE MET THE NEED for Hannah's Shelter!! Thanks to Randy Whaley and Doug Knight for building it and thanks to a wonderful donor or two that gave us funds o complete it!



ADOPT AN APARTMENT!!!  Since Hurricane Irma hit us, all units have flooded at the Hannah's House Complex.  Furniture is ruined, baseboards are soaked, as well as the dry wall, where the water rose to one foot in all 17 units as well as the community center.

If you would like to help financially, please send your donations to 113 N 7th Avenue Wauchula, FL 33873, or call us at 863-773-5717.  Or you may use our paypal account, located below.

27 women and children were displaced because of the flooding.  We need to get them back in the apartments, since many went to the shelter or are doubling up with relatives.  Our insurance did not cover the flooding and we are trying to get monies from FEMA at the moment, but they will not cover any furniture other than bedroom furniture, so we need couches, tables and chairs, TVs, and TV consoles, to go into the apartments.  If you can adopt an apartment with these items, it would be great!   Let us know!

You can see the line where the water

came up to for each apartment.  There

was also damage from above as you can see in the bathroom pictures.

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