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  • Pray that all needs will be met for each family that is in our care.​


  • Pray that the women and children in our care will receive the counseling that we provide so that they will be able to get back on their feet again.


  • Pray that we can keep staff and volunteers to aid us in helping others.


  • Pray for our Board of Directors


  • Pray for the Executive Director, support staff, counselors and vocational counselors.


  • Pray for safety over the complex, the offices, the domestic violence shelter and the thrift store.

  • Volunteer to transport women and children to doctor, court, school and jobs.


  • Volunteer as a part-time counselor to fill in when others are out (This does require training on our part to help you.)


  • Help at Hannah's Hope Chest, our thrift store to raise funds for the shelter.


  • Volunteer for office support, answering phones, typing letters,  mailings, internet media, etc


  • Volunteer to help with landscaping, gardening or mowing at the complex.


  • There are other jobs to do--call us!

  • Have a golf tournament to raise funds


  • Host a charity concert


  • Host a spring or fall festival to raise awareness and funding for Domestic Violence victims


  • Make craft items to sell to raise money


  • Or come up with an idea of your own



  • Contact us if you would like to help in this area.

       863-773-5717 ext # 1


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