Again, thanks for all the physical help you sent our way after Hurricane Irma!  We don't know what we would have done without you!  Thanks to Cathy & Ken Castro for cutting down the tree for us & cleaning!

Thanks to Henry and Sara Rhodes as well as the Landings for your continued support of Hannah's House and AOFM, Inc. especially the food and water after Irma!

Thank you for your generous gift when we needed it most!  Special thanks to Gena Davis!

Thanks again for your generous donation and continued support!  Special thanks to Ms. Simpler for your help on the project!

Jeff Mann, you and Marlene Rickels Hyde were a Godsend for providing gas for our generators after Hurricane Irma.

Duck Smith--how can we ever thank you enough for all you have donated through the years to this ministry?  Thanks to both you and Opturo, Ken and Deirdre D'Silva for donating our new bus!!  We have used it many times already and look for many years more to assist the survivors of Domestic Violence and homelessness!  Thanks Jim Goldman for setting this in motion!

Doug Knight, you have been a knight for us, going to battle for us for funding first through the insurance company and then through FEMA.  You never give up on us and we appreciate that so much!  Thank you for your help thus far and also for the time to come!

We would also like to thank area churches for their monetary support, food, water and supplies for the complex!!  You are so appreciated for the years of support you have given us!

Thanks so much for the emergency funds when we needed it most after Irma hit. Thanks to Cathy, Lenny & Terry!