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Services we offer at our Community Counseling Center, AKA Gillespie's Counseling Center:​

Gillespie's Counseling Center provides counseling, not only for Hannah's House, but for the community as well.  Many area agencies send people to us who need help.  Many are court ordered as well for classes to help with their Anger Management, Parenting and Domestic Violence Issues.  Below are some of the services we offer:


As women come in for help, our case manager does an intake report to determine what she needs.  Whether it is for domestic violence victim, anger management, parenting classes, improving self esteem, getting an education or working towards getting a job, the case manager will work with her to get the services she needs.  We have also helped with gaining social security cards, green cards, food stamps, medicaid medical and dental services.


We all have anger. We just need to know how to control what we do when we have it. Anger Management courses and domestic violence for men are based on Eijah House curriculum with such topics as Basic Trust, Bitter root judgements, healing relationships, hearts of stone, inner vows, identifications of love, slumbering spirit, renewal of the mind, accomplishing forgiveness, repentance, and the right way to handle anger and the emotions that follow.

Domestic Violence

Using the Duluth Model, which is accepted by the state of Florida, we offer groups where the ladies may choose to share their ordeals, talk about what brought it on, what constitutes abuse, dealing with their anger towards their abuser, improving their self-esteem, healing painful memories, how to guard against future domestic violence, safety at all times, and how to react to others when they are already angry.  We encourage the victims to have hope for their future and help them to be independent.  

Drugs Tests &

Gillespie Counseling services provides drug testing for several agencies and court systems.  We also provide feedback to case managers and probation officers as to the results of those tests.  Over-comers is a drug and alcohol community group meeting and is held off-site at the Women's Club at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday nights.  It is open for anyone who has any kind of addiction. Kenny Sanders is the facilitator. Further, in our classes at Gillespie's Counseling Center, we get to the why of using drugs and alcohol to decrease the pain in addicts lives.  We work towards inner self-healing to limit the need for these terrible crutches.  We have seen so many children who have been abandoned and taken away for parents' behaviors regarding drugs and alcohol.  We want to help heal.

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