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Our staff-paid and volunteers combined

Lorraine Gillespie,

Executive Director, Emeritus, Counselor

 John Gillespie,

President  and Counselor

Chris Price pic.jpg

Karen Tibbs,

Executive Director Operations, counselor

Chris Price, 
Assistant Director AOFM, Inc. Office/ Grant Writing

Nick Timmerman, 

Chairman of the Board

and Counselor

Amaal FB.jpg

Amaal Alhabib, 

Hannah's House Shelter Manager

linda 2.jpg
Linda Garland,  Accounts Receivable & Admin Assistant
Esther-Board pic.jpg

Esther Alvarado
Hannah's Complex
Office Manager


George Garland,

IT Director and General Maintenance Supervisor


Anita Rogers

Marketing & Promotions Director

Elizabeth Samol, Manager at Hannah's House Complex
DSC_0447 (1).JPG

Briana Hibbert

Marketing & Promotions Assistant

I am also a gifted singer and available to come to your functions to tell about our program!

We also have several counselors including Ronnie and Sharon Gilliard, Chris and Diane Faulkner who are not pictured at this time.

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