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Services (cont)​


We believe in encouraging the women we serve to gain a better perspective on life and to get a good education.  We work with local schools such as Hardee County Adult Education and South Florida State College so that the women can get their high school diploma, GED and/or an AA in college or complete a BA or certificate program.  We have had many to get GEDs, CNA and some have gone on to be LPNs.  Others have received their AAs while in our care.  We are so proud of the ones who further their education!


Gillespie's counseling center uses Total Transformation series for parenting, along with some of the Elijah House Materials to help transform parents.  We use pre-evaluations and post-evaluations to determine if the parent is learning in this process.  We teach them about their children, what makes them act the way they do, why the children aren't listening to the parent, parenting roles and accountability issues, 27 tools to change their child's behavior, what to do after the child acts out, and how to stop bad behaviors before it starts.


After a couple of weeks of rehabilitation and relaxation for domestic violence victims, we start evaluating their needs and see what types of jobs they have had in the past and where they want to go from here.  If it requires more schooling, we suggest they go back to school, but for many, they just want to work.  We refer the ladies to Heartland Workforce to fill out applications for nearby jobs.  Some have had little to no job experience and for those, we recommend classes at the workforce program as well as on-the-job training that we provide through Gillespies's counseling services.  We can train in sales, cashiering, office systems, IT and plan to add greenhouse jobs as well.

Other Services
  • Food Pantry​

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Budgeting and Finances trhough Hardee Help Center, Wauchula State Bank and our local Hardee County Extension Office

  • Smoking Cessation Program through Advent Health Hospital

  • Men and women's groups

  • Children's individual counseling

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Assisting with legal and personal needs

  • marriages performed by licensed ordained ministers


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