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1-Transporting clients.

2-Teaching children 2 evenings a week- 1 hour sessions.

3-Volunteers for Fundraising

4-Assisting at our Food Pantry Tuesday for 30 minutes to an hour and/or handing out food weekly for up to 3 hours.

5-Grant writer

HELP Needed!  House manager both night and daytime for the shelter.  We have a temporary person presently.  Must be able to pass a Level 2 Background screen.  You will receive free room and board with a small salary as well.  We are looking for a good hearted Christian lady or a man and wife.  There is a small apartment attached to the shelter for living space.  Please call 863-773-5717 ext #1 if interested.  Training will be provided.

Playground swing set $1,000

Playground shade cloth $3,500

Repairs to SUV  $1,500

Shelter Osmosis Water System $5,500

New Septic Tank for Shelter:  $10,000

Replace the catalytic converter that was stolen from our bus-


And if you have a foundation or group that would like to really make a difference, we need $74,030.21 to pay off the Hannah's House Domestic Violence Shelter.

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