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    Gillespie's History

Forty two years ago Lorraine Kazen Whaley married John G. Gillespie. Someone invited John to go into a prison and minister to the prisoners. John went and later decided to return on a regular basis with Lorraine. Thus began their prison ministry. They named their new ministry Alpha and Omega Prison Ministries and would later change the name to Alpha and Omega Freedom Ministries.  

The Gillespie's were always helping people and even took ex-prisoners into their home to help them get ack on their feet. A few years later they were invited to go to a drug rehab program for 10 months in order to learn how to help people more effectively. Some people thought they were crazy but while there they received training that would be useful to many other people dealing with a wide spectrum of issues. 

Lorraine thanked God for the early years she and her children suffered domestic violence. She views those years as stepping stones to the work at Hannah's House D/V Shelter and Counseling Center which exists today. Due to the years of living thru abuse, prison ministry and rehab training has resulted in helping many others in our community and abroad.

The Gillespie's do not receive salaries nor do their family members who help run the ministry today. At times the Gillespie's and family members financially contribute to the ministry. We solely depend upon donations, gifts and grants.

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter. Any monthly amount is accepted and appreciated.  

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