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distribute food every Wednesday to the homeless, aged, and indigent people in the community.

We manage a government grant that helps our community and 5 other counties with rental assistance & utility deposits for rapid rehousing and homeless prevention.  This is a full-time job for the case manager, who's paid through the grant, and many volunteer hours from all of us at the office.

Hannah's Hope Chest Thrift Store located at 226 W Main Street in Wauchula, is managed by Judy Whaley, and helps to support Hannah's house DV/Homeless Shelter.

We've been blessed with most of our furniture donations coming from Sarasota and the Bradenton area, from some really expensive homes.  Some of the ladies that live at Hannah's House helps at the store for vocational skills training.  It enables us to be able to give them both work experience as well as a work reference when they are looking for jobs in the community.  It also gives them a sense of paying their way for the help they receive.  Some of them have gone on to have jobs within our ministry and remain with us even after they completed the program.  (Our receptionist, managers and assistant manager)

AOFM, Inc. would like to start a PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM with local churches, families or individuals that would like to adopt a lady (and her children if she has any) and provide for them while in our program.  We provide shelter and food for the women and children, but we could use help in other areas.  For example:

  • a young lady has a baby in our care and needs diapers, clothing for the baby, wet wipes, formula, etc.

  • another lady comes in with dental pain and swelling who will require a $50 dental visit as well as medication, usually for pain and/or penicillin

  • generally they need about $20 per month for shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, female products, toothpaste, etc.

  • rides to doctor or other appointments when our case manager is not available.

  • notes or letters of encouragement

  • or an activity approved by the Executive Director/ Onsite Manager

We are also looking for financial partners to help these broken families.  Since we are faith-based, it is hard to get subsidized monies from the government, without giving them full control of our program.  We don't feel that God would want us to do that. 


Through our rental assistance grants, we can help families get into an apartment or house by paying down payments and /or utility deposits. When ready, we can get the women we serve into this next step to be on their own.  Some would need help with furniture or kitchen needs at that time.  

We feel that the women and children who are partnered with a community family would be more prone to get back into the community quicker.  Many have little to no family left to have moral support.  They are lonely and miss their families for whatever reason they have.  It would be great to have an "adopted family" to call their own.  If you have a heart for this type of committed partnership, please call us at 863-773-5717 ext#1.  We will need to have you fill out an application and do a background check prior to any activity out of our facility.

II Corinthians 9:6 "He who sows generously will also reap generously and with blessings".


Hannah's House Domestic Violence Shelter

should be on EVERY church's mission list in Hardee County and the surrounding counties, since we take in ladies from everywhere.  We should be listed as one of their home missions.  If every church could give us just $25.00 to $100.00 per month, we should have enough to cover the cost of helping these women and children.  We have a handful that does this already, but we need many more.  We are very thankful for those that do.  We are also grateful for the private foundations and individuals that have faithfully supported us either monthly or at the times we were in desperate need of help.  We need 2 or 3 knowledgeable drywall volunteers to help in our new building (to us) to build offices and soon we will need volunteers to help with repairs at the complex . Through a grant, we had $80,000 given to either fix our current building or to put towards a new one.  If we sell our building, it will cover the amount left to pay off the new one. ($85,000.00)

As you can tell, we could use a volunteer to help with fundraising and grant writing.  We have one volunteer doing this now, but it is way too much for one to handle, especially now that we will be receiving FEMA funds that have to be tracked.

It seems that we are always asking for donation to help pay the bills, and that is part of this ministry that none of us likes.  It takes about $20,000.00 to $25,000 per month to make ends meet. It would be nice to have that money coming in on a regular basis and then we could use grant money to special projects or to help pay off Hannah's House Domestic Violence Shelter.  

None of our top leaders are paid, including John age 90 & Lorraine age 83, who still run the ministry and live off of Social Security.  Two of Lorraine's daughters also help with running the ministry and neither one of them are paid for their time.  The endless hours of hard work are done mostly by volunteers.  We owe approximately $100,000.00 on the house now.










Hannah's House Complex is a whole other story.  We are waiting on FEMA and the State to finalize our claim so that we can fix the building after it flooded during Hurricane Irma.  Until we can fix these rooms, we have to keep turning ladies away.  Since they pay a little rent there, this too, has been a financial burden through this year of waiting.  Unfortunately we need the money to do the work.  To those who have supported us--a big THANK YOU!  If you haven't yet or supported in the past and not for some time, please think about giving.  $10, $25 , $50 per month or a one time donation.  Please consider the other avenues as well such as partnerships, volunteering, financial and prayer.  Together, we can help change lives!  May God bless you all!

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1-863-773-5717 ext 1

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113 North 7th Avenue Wauchula, FL 33873

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