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2020 Was a very tough year for our ministry emotionally due to Covid-19! We lost two dear friends, counselors and Board members.  We loved them dearly!  They were wonderful with our clients!  It will be hard to replace them because of all they did for our ministry.

Mary Alice Tucker (Shirley) was the mayor of Bowling Green, FL for several years, yet she found time to be a counselor for our ladies as well as a devoted Board Member.  If we had a fundraiser, she was in there getting her hands dirty, cooking, cleaning, setting up, tearing down, whatever we needed--she was there.  When she retired, She devoted full time service to be our Onsite Manager for our Domestic Violence Shelter, and later after having Covid-19 with limited ability to help, she helped with our Hannah's Hope Chest, supervising our clients with Vocational skills training.

She had a firm handle on things with the biggest heart even for the smallest of our clients. 


When one lady had to go to jail for a bit, she even volunteered to take care of her 3 year old son, who was a handful at the time.  By the time the lady got out of jail, he was so changed for the good and ready to be loved by us all!  She will be greatly missed!  Our prayers go out to her friends and family from all of our staff, administration and Board members!


Likewise, we lost Joyce Cook, another counselor and Board Member, not due to Covid this time, but due to a massive stroke.  Joyce was our heart and prayer warrior!  She would have her class with our clients for a couple of hours on Tuesdays each week and then stop by each of our offices to see how we were doing and to pray for each one of us.  Sometimes, she would give us a word from the Lord and really make our day wonderful when things were not going so well.  We laughed and cried together.  We prayed together and encouraged each other.  She was such a blessing to us all spiritually, emotionally and prayerfully!  She marketed our non-profit in the news paper as well as on the radio, many times for free when she could swing it.  She loved to talk about blessings and grace so that we knew how to pray and be thankful.  She definitely helped many women come to know the Lord and helped many to improve their hope and self esteem.  The women that knew her will never forget her.  She was truly a woman of God!  Her family and friends will miss her but they know she is in the arms of God!  We will always remember her and love what she did for our ministry!

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