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  Testimonials from women whose lives                     have been changed



  When I came to Hannah's         House I was homeless and very devastated. They gave me a home and cared for me. They also helped me to learn and understand the Word of God. I am very grateful for everything they have given me and will never forget the caring and compassion shown to me.

The Hannah House has done so much for me I don't know how to begin expressing my story. I have gotten so much closer to the Lord than I could have ever imagined. When I first came to H.H. I didn't know He could even hear me but now I talk to Him everyday and I know He listens.I didn't like the rules too much but if it weren't for those rules I am sure I would be doing things I am not supposed to be doing.

I learned my children suffer for my actions, so as long as I stay on the right path that the Lord has for me He will keep us safe.

I have learned new parenting skills that I use everyday. Thanks to the Hannah House my children and I have gotten much closer to each other and God. I am now employeed and my future plans are to get my GED, and my drivers licsense. 

Thanks to all at Hannah's House!   

Hi, My name is Brittany. A few years ago, I was homeless and basically, staying in an orange grove.  A lady told me about Hannah's House Shelter in Wauchula.  I met with Ms. Lorraine and stayed there  for a while.  I didn't know much of anything, let alone, how to take care of myself.  I hardly talked with anyone and gave little eye contact.  Through the shelter's program, I was able to learn and grow and was helped into college.  Ms. Chris even sat with me and Ms. Crawford, at South Florida College to sign up for college classes and also find monies to pay for school. 


After about a year, I moved into the Hannah's House Apartment Complex.  I learned even more, including how to budget and pay bills.  Their classes were uplifting, friendly and taught me a lot about how to handle relationships, both past and in the future.  South Florida College also helped in many ways, including financial management workshops to identity theft, college helps & more.

I have since finished my AA and face another obstacle--transferring to a university to continue my education and work towards a bachelor's degree.  I've pretty well decided on which university and found a place nearby that I might be able to live.  I would have to move more than an hour away from where I live now, and would  definitely be out of my comfort zone--but I want to try to do it anyway.  To be successful in this would mean that I have finally made it--to be able to stand on my feet in the real world.  I thank Hannah's House and Alpha & omega Freedom Ministries, Inc. for what they have done for me!

Note from Chris Price, Case Mgr at the time of Brittany being here:  Brittany was afraid to call people on the phone to set up appointments, so we decided to provide vocational skills training for her to be a receptionist.  She was very scared at first, but we worked with her until she became comfortable with handling the phones.  She was so shy and timid in those days, but now she has blossomed and became an outgoing young lady!

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