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This past year, The Templeton foundation gave us a grant to help us finish the repairs on the apartments.  (They were flooded over three years ago in IRMA).  All of the apartments have been redone and all but three apartments are already rented.  

We are also working on the community center and should be finished within the next month or two!  we have waited so long to be able to say this!  Praise God and thank you to the Templeton Foundation for their continued support.

They also have approved for another grant to help with a new project for the Hannah's House area-Barn project.  You are the greatest!

The landings.png

The Landings made Christmas so special for all our children at the Hannah's House Shelter and the Hannah's Complex apartments!  Everyone had a great time and thanks to Marlin and Chris Price for also playing Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  The kids loved it all! You can tell it was 2020 when they had to wear masks due to Covid-19!

    The Sarasota Girl Scouts also donated the stockings that were filled to the brim with lots of useful items and goodies!

     THANK YOU -- ALL of YOU!  Best Christmas ever!!!

Mother's Day-2021

mr and mrs claus at shelter 2021_edited.jpg
girl scout logo 2-2021.jpg
girl scout logo 2-2021.jpg

There were several generous people that helped us out for our mothers this year!

  • A young man and his girlfriend brought over vases of flowers (real) for each mother that was in our domestic violence shelter or our apartments for homeless women and children.

  • Makeup was provided by Gena Caldwell, a Mary Kay associate

  • The Girl scouts of Sarasota County provided Goody bags for our ladies--what a haul!  

Thank you to all that made our mothers day a great one!


We want to thank both Greystone Foundation, as well as the Valencia Apartments for recommending us to receive $1200 that we did not expect nor did we advocate to get their donation!  Thanks!

We also received $5,000 from John Gillespie's cousin that we did not expect!  It was sad in that his cousin's husband had passed but we are so thankful that they thought of our non-profit for donation.


day of fun for not only the children, but the mothers as well!  Each child was given the following:

Free haircuts

Free medical and dental exams

Free books

Free backpacks filled with all the necessities to start school

Free containers of food and fresh fruits

Free bags of toiletries and other goodies

Gift cards totaling $100 per child to buy school clothes, shoes and/or fresh veggies at one of the nearby markets

WOW!  What a great day!  Mom's received free B/P and sugar checks with lots of literature to help them in bringing up their children.  Ms. Chris Price received some books to help with children's counseling and also had her B/P checked which was very high!  She probably needed to go to the hospital but she tried to calm down and spent the rest of the time helping children to get their backpacks and drove them home.  Special thanks to Kevin and his wife for all their help and to Pam who made sure we had enough bags for everyone when we got back home!


haircuts 2021-cp-2.jpg
Two of our boys getting their haircuts!  
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