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Buy a Brick Program!

Through Bricks R Us, we have personalized bricks for sale!  We would like to start immediately to have the bricks engraved with whatever you would like to put on them.  You may honor a loved one that has passed, you may want to say words of encouragement or you may want to honor two of our beloved counselors that have died this past year.  We have set up the start of a courtyard in front of Alpha and Omega Freedom Ministries, Inc. to honor Shirley Tucker Brown--see picture.  We want to fill the courtyard with bricks to surround the tree we have planted to remember her by. Shirley was a great woman of faith and courage, as she worked with our domestic violence survivors and their children.

Or you may want to donate bricks around a tangerine tree that we have planted for Joyce Cook.  This one is located at our Shelter and we would love to surround it as well with bricks to honor her memory.  She was a great prayer warrior and teacher to the ladies at Hannah's House.  Please see picture of tree on the right.


Or you may want the bricks for your own, but if you buy them in our name, we will get a donation from Bricks R Us.  If you are interested, please send Chris Price or Linda Garland an email or call the office to let us send you the details.  If you want to go in with your church family to buy bricks, that is fine as well.  Brick prices start at $50 per brick including the engravement.  All proceeds will go towards making the courtyards beautiful and will be there for many years to come.  Help us fill our courtyard!

Call 863-773-5717 ext#1 or send an email to or  Thanks so much for your attention to this matter.

tangerine tree_edited.jpg
purple tree_edited.jpg
Shirley's Tree in our Courtyard
Joyce's Tree at Hannah's
House shelter.
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