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We appreciate our supporters for Hannah's House, Hannah's Hope Chest and Hannah's House Complex!

We have had a lot of donations to our complex this past year in the form of money towards furniture, kitchen items, small appliances for the kitchens, computers and electronics.  Hardee County residents have also been overwhelmingly generous to our Hannah's Hope Chest Store for good used items such as furniture, clothing, household goods and electronics.  We thank anyone who has helped our cause to help Domestic Violence Victims and Homeless women and children.    Below you will find a few that have made a difference in our organization with either monthly funding or generous one time gifts.

A big thank you to Peace River Cooperative for donating enough to furnish two units for our apartment complex.  The ladies were so excited when they saw the new beds, couches, dining sets and everything that goes into having a furnished apartment.  You can check out one of the apartment's kitchens with all the great items that we were able to get for it on the "About us" page.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash founded her Company on the Golden Rule and emphasized the importance of giving back to others.  That’s why every day Mary Kay is changing the lives of women and children around the world.  It is part of the Mary Kay heritage, and we are honored to continue Mary Kay Ash’s legacy of making a difference. 

     We thank Mary Kay for past grants and also this year for helping us get funding through makeup parties and sales.

We would like to thank the Flowers Bakery Company at their Sarasota location for their support. Their participation enabled us to continue to provide quality services to our community and to our shelter residents.

We would also like to extend a special thank you to

Mr. Bob Braphy for his role in this venture and for his personal donation of Christmas gifts for the Hannah's House


Hardee Co Bocc

Each year, Hardee County Board of County Commissioners set aside monies for local programs that help Hardee County citizens.  Gillespie's Couneling Center, which is a subsidiary of Alpha & Omega Freedom Ministries, provides anger management classes, parenting, DV victims counseling, DV abuser counseling, addictions classes and much more. Even though many citizens do not have money to attend the classes, AOFM, Inc has been able to provide them.  In hopes that the funds will come in to help take care of the expenses, so the BOCC has provided some of those funds.

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