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Update: Our insurance has increased to $48,000 annually. Please include a mailing address with your gift for Thank You Card purposes.

Please mail your check to

P.O. BOX 339 Wauchula Fl. 33873

Or donate on our secure website


Community Couseling Services


Anyone in the community needs or wants help with their anger, please call 863-773-5717 xt 1.

We are faith based. We would like to start classes in January and need to set the dates and times of classes. If your struggling we can help.

Anger symptoms:

  • angers easily / hard to forgive / threatens others / people let me down  

  • gets revenge / breaks things 

  • Fee's $35 registration. $40 per class for 6 classes total $275

  • Payments accepted 

  • Certificate of achievement when finished



  We use the green house not only as a food resource but also to teach ladies how to grow things on their own, and as a means of job training. We also sell various plants to the public as a means of raising funds for the shelter.   

 Thank you to Scott & Steve Kirouac at Big Sky Growers, ACE Hardware and Mr. Les for all of the supplies needed to rebuild our green house. Thank you Hilary Peate Company for the awesome soil. 

UPDATE: The Green House has yielded its first crop. We have green beans, Roma Tomatoes and Sunflowers. 

UPDATE: Due to Hurricane Ian our green house has suffered structural damage. We have submitted for a grant to rebuild. We have planted corn and beans in the outside beds.


Our apartment complex is almost finished!  We are completing the community service as we speak!

All apartments are complete and all but 3 apartments are occupied. We are still looking for a few items for our community center.  For instance, our computers were ruined by the flooding.  We need two computers for the offices as well as the monitors and keyboard to go with them.  If you can donate them, please let us know or you can specify money donation online to cover the computers--just let us know why the money is donated.

We especially need bunk beds for the children!  If you can donate either funds or the actual furniture please contact us!  We are willing to pick up in surrounding counties of Hardee County.  Please give us at least one week notice if you have any thing we can use.  

transforming lives through.jpg












New monthly donors needed!  If you and your Facebook friends would like to help our non-profit organization monthly, how about do a campaign for us for only $5.00 per month? 


I figured on just my own Facebook friends alone that this would amount to $1500 per month!  What wonderful things can be done with your help?  (I have 300 online friends) 


Won't you consider helping us to gain monthly donations so that we don't have to spend all our precious time for our clients in fundraising & grant writing? 


Maybe your church group or other organization you are a part of would like to help.  Please get in touch to let us know!

We thank the churches that are donating monthly!  

Please let us know in which area you would like to donate!
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